Analysis Paralysis

Louis CK came out with a pretty good rule to avoid over thinking. He said “so my rule is that if you have someone or something that gets 70 percent approval, you just do it. ‘Cause here’s what happens. The fact that other options go away immediately brings your choice to 80. Because the pain of deciding is over.”

“And,” he continues, “when you get to 80 percent, you work. You apply your knowledge, and that gets you to 85 percent! And the thing itself, especially if it’s a human being, will always reveal itself—100 percent of the time!—to be more than you thought. And that will get you to 90 percent. After that, you’re stuck at 90, but who the f**k do you think you are, a god? You got to 90 percent? It’s incredible!

Over-thinking is dying. We’ve all been involved in some over-thinking scenario. My latest was dinner with the wife. Date night came up and we didn’t really plan anything more than a baby-sitter. So there we were, sitting in the car, trying to decide where to go.

Of course, nothing was good enough. Every option had something wrong be it lighting, service, food, dry bread, wobbly chairs, ugly tablecloths, the list goes on. We thought it out for thirty minutes before we realized something.

We just wasted thirty minutes of our lives over-thinking a problem.

We both work. We both parent. We both value any alone time we get together. And here we were throwing it away like those silica gel packs that come in every shipping box ever.

We made a decision a went with it. Was it the perfect decision?

Who cares? We enjoyed an evening together. Moving forward was more important.

Do you suffer from over-thinking? Leave a comment below and tell me about it!



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