Want to get ahead? Think like an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. No one will argue that. But nothing worth having has ever come easy. If you want the good stuff, it’s time to accept you might not be working hard enough for it. Here’s 7 tips on getting ahead by thinking like an entrepreneur.


1. Opinions aren’t facts – Entrepreneurs understand this already. They never accepted anyone’s opinion as a fact. They accept them for what they are, data. To an entrepreneur other peoples opinions are just information to accept or dismiss (respectfully, of course). No one’s voice is louder than the one that drives them, their own. You may be so wrapped up in what other people are telling you that you can’t hear your own voice over the crowd. Cut out the BS and remember why and what you’re doing.

2. Failure is definitely an option – Entrepreneurs are expecting to fail occasionally. The idea that everything will be perfect all the time and will always work out is ridiculous. Failure brings new insight and viewpoints that may have been overlooked. Retooling and restarting is just another step in the process. If you’re afraid of screwing up you’re already handicapped. Make the mistakes you need to make to learn what you need to learn.

3. They’re not looking for choices – Uhh, I can go with A or B? I’ll take C. Entrepreneurs aren’t looking for choices, they start with the end result and reverse engineer the process. This method largely eliminates most choices they could have made anyway. Overthinking is dying. You spend so much time mulling over a choice you could have picked one, found it to be wrong, and gone with the other one in the same amount of time.

4. They’re willing to do it alone – If they need to be the one to start a tidal wave of an idea, they will. There is no waiting around for their friends support. Entrepreneurs know when they start pushing their dream forward, others will take notice and push with them. If you’re waiting around for everyone else to lend a hand you’ll never get started. Man up and start pushing the locomotive sized dream yourself, one step at a time.

5. They value relationships – No man is an island, and along they way we all need to work with somebody. Why not make those relationships valuable to you? Compliment the secretary, chat with the coworker, get to know your insurance agent, just start building relationships.

6. They learn every skill – Entrepreneurs automatically know they need to know more. They’re either going to have to do something themselves for the first time or they’ll need to hire someone to do it, either way they have to learn the basics. Adding tools to the toolbox is a constant task, and one that they love to do. Become a lover of learning.

7. They’re brimming with confidence – You have to be to think your idea is better than everyone else’s and you’re going to find success where others have failed. That’s why you see another bookstore open where one just closed, or a restaurant open next door to another restaurant. These people will stand tall and believe in themselves every step of the way. Confidence is key in everything, and if you’re not feeling it it’s time to get some.



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