Miss K, London has been brave and decided to share her first Tinder date with us…

I wanted to post this article by our friends at http://missdinky.com to show what most guys do in the face of a bad date. Even with all the weirdness, there was room for him to act like a gentleman. 

We had found each other on Tinder and I finally agreed to meet him after a few weeks of chatting. He was tall, half Italian, loved swimming and discussing philosophy, which ticked a lot of my boxes. This was to be my first date for a very long time and I was incredibly nervous, particularly because he seemed so ideal. I arrived about half an hour early to the restaurant, I needed the time to compose myself and to quickly drink a few cocktails so I didn’t come across too icy.

When he arrived I wasn’t impressed, he was dressed far too casually for the evening. We began talking, he noticed I sounded a little gruff so I explained I was just getting over tonsillitis. I mention I was still taking antibiotics, he looked to the drink in my hand and explained that I shouldn’t be drinking while still taking the antibiotics. I made a joke that I’d had a few already so it was too late to save me. My date however didn’t laugh and insisted that what I was doing was dangerous and I could die. I laugh again, he didn’t. It became apparent he had no sense of humour. Tough crowd.

Nevertheless, the meal seemed to go well and he enquired to what we are doing after, so I suggested we go to the bar close to my home. We walked back towards to the bar and for some reason I suggested we meet my new puppy. When we reached my front door, I told him to brace himself and he stepped back a little. I opened the front door and my little Pug came charging out to us. I tried to catch her but she jumped up at my dates legs, then in excitement, she began to pee, all over his shoes. It wasn’t a lot but my date was obviously disgusted. Apologising, I tried to laugh it off but he just wanted to get to my bathroom to wash his hands.

Eventually, he walked into my lounge, still wearing his shoes (rude) and avoided making any eye contact with my puppy, who I had finally restrained. I made him a drink but he complained it was too strong, I remember thinking, is there any end to this man’s dullness?

He refused to relax while we watched part of a film and proceeded to correct the frame rate on my TV to allow the film to run smoother. While I was quite pleased with this I did find it little strange, especially as he then made his excuses to leave and get his train back to south London. There was no kiss or hug at the end of the date and I was really quite disappointed as to how boring he was, so much potential it seemed.

Later that evening I received a text saying, he didn’t feel there was a spark (no surprise there) and that he felt too uncomfortable after my dog had peed on his shoes, his OCD flared up, Dear oh dear, if you can’t handle a puppy you are of no use to me boy.


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