Get in a Fight

Can you take a hit? Can you hit back?

Most men can’t, and won’t. In fact, most men suffer from what is known as a “violence deficit”. For thousands of years men have had to fight for what they want, be it a woman, property, food, or currency. Only in the last hundred years or so have we become domesticated. 

Being domesticated isn’t such a bad thing. There are a lot of benefits to domestic living. Air conditioning, better education, and clean water to name a few. There are also drawbacks. Constant scheduling, easy work, and no need to ever be aggressive are some of the biggest challenges we face as men today.

What do we do? Do we calmly continue swimming as the water begins to boil? Or do we find ways to return to what once was?

Enter fighting.

When you trade blows with another man there is an instant swelling of your masculinity. Every man, at some point in their lives, has wondered if he can take a punch. (Spoiler, you can.) Likewise, every man has also wondered if he can give a punch. (Also yes).

At this point I’d like to point out I am in no way advocating going to your local bar and picking a fight.

What I am advocating is joining a local gym that specializes in fighting. Boxing, MMA, and Martial Arts all allow you to learn the manly art of swapping fists. Here you will take a hook to the face and continue standing. Here you will learn that one hit isn’t enough to knock you own. Here you learn how to give as good as you get.

And that’s part of the journey to be a better man.



One response to “Get in a Fight

  1. Yeah, I tried that… turns out I have a glass jaw and got whipped like a chocolate cake with too much skinny milk. So the other guy wasn’t really bigger than me, or heavier… but he was wicked mean and kind of looked fearsome when he snarled with his top lip.

    But I learnt that if you stay down and scream like a girl, you can sometimes survive. Then when they turn their back to celebrate their glorious victory, you smack them over the back of the head with a steel chair. The key is to make sure you can run faster than they can.

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