The Return of the Confident Man

Don’t call it a comeback. The confident man is squaring his shoulders and making his presence felt once again. He’s showing several character traits that we’ve sorely missed for some time.

He stands tall.

He has his neck lifted high, shoulders pulled back slightly, and chest out for the world to see. He’s not too concerned with the opinions of others on his posture, because he knows he’s doing it right. Even while working to improve himself in other areas he keeps his head high.

He makes decisions.

He’s not a waffler. Going back and forth and back and forth is for the emotionally insecure. He’s ready to own his decision when wrong, and maintain his quiet pride when right. He understands that moving forward is better than standing still in every situation

He walks slow.

He doesn’t feel hurried in his everyday gait. He can stroll and enjoy the day. He’s not letting the pressure of whatever emergency he’s handling ruffle him and have him rushing from pillar to post.

He speaks with authority. 

He says “no” and means it. When he wants to speak to others, he does so directly and using few words as possible. He knows that fancy embellished words are look good on paper, but when getting an idea across it’s best to make it as clear
as possible the first time.

He makes mistakes.

He knows mistake is not a dirty word. He understands in order to understand how to do something, you need to understand how not to do something.

He dresses like a man.

His shirt and pants fit properly. His shoes are shined. He is well groomed. Doing these things in the morning is like turning the key in the ignition of his confidence. He won’t be seen in public dressed like a flood victim with morning breath covered with coffee.

He’s aggressive when need be.

When it comes to things like protecting his family or defending his lady, the aggressive nature of his confidence shows itself. If there is a goal to be met, his aggressiveness will meet it head on. If improving his body is what is needed to match his aggressive spirit, then so be it.

He’s a giver.

Whether he donates to his favorite charity or spends time with his kids, he understands the power of giving and it’s role in everyday confidence. You rarely hear him speak of his giving nature as he prefers to do it quietly out of public knowledge.

The confident man is making himself well known in all walls of life. If you have an opportunity to meet one, learn a thing or two from his quiet demeanor and work yourself toward being a better man.



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