Things Men aren’t Doing Today (that they should)

As a culture we have stepped away from the idea that manliness is good. While attempting to raise women up to the iron-2-300x225same standard as men, we have forgotten what has and will always set us apart.


As a result, we are steering ourselves away from the things that define us. These things cut to the core of the male heart, and will always help you be a better man.

1. Adventure

Every man wants to go on an adventure in their youth, and many want to go as an adult. Rock climbing, fishing, camping, road trips, all of these things qualify. There is something innate in us as men that longs to be doing something adventurous.

2. Manual Labor

Working hard and sweating out in the sun used to be something respected. It was a position held for the stronger sex. You needed stamina and strength. If a tree needed removing or a shed torn down, no one called a service, you simply called three or four of your friends and had some cold beers ready.

3. Mentor

It used to be that a young man was expected to work for someone who had refined skills in a trade, be it plumbing or masonry. This relationship helped usher a teenage boy into manhood. The actual skill was secondary. The lessons learned working with an older, seasoned man stayed with him for a lifetime. The mentor benefited greatly from this too, as he was often moving from young man to middle aged or older. This helped secure lessons he had learned during the course of his years.

4. Danger

The former youth didn’t have the safeguards all around him that we have today. He would stay outside with his friends doing things that were generally considered dumb, such as walking on a fence line or jumping his bike over another friend. These things, while true that they weren’t the smartest, were necessary for an adolescent to test himself against his friends. In his daring spirit his masculinity would grow and mold itself for his future manhood.

5. Compete

Years ago when kids played a sport people kept score. When two boys would play a game their was no tie. There was a clear winner and a clear loser. The winner learned his practicing and skills had payed off, and the loser learned he needed to improve himself. They both learned about being poor winners and losers. These skills prepared them for a lifetime of winning and losing.

If you find yourself looking for your masculinity and coming up short, try doing these five things. They are best done in a group setting, with other men, and away from the company of women.



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