Lessons on Manhood from Joffery Baratheon

joffrey-baratheon-cap                                   Photo rights of HBO

One of the most despicable characters on HBO’s Game of Thrones has got to be Joffery Baratheon. The child of a covered up incestuous relationship he seems to have had the cards stacked against him from day one. Here’s four important lessons he’s missed out on.

It takes work to be a man

One of the most crucial things Joffrey has missed out on is the opportunity to work like a man. Using your muscles, sweating in the sun, and changing something with your bare hands are things that kick your masculinity into high gear. One of the best things that could happen to him right now is to be stripped of his crown and tossed into into the potato workers union.

Sometimes things don’t go your way.

We’ve all experienced tragedy and heartbreak, and like it or not we were made better men for it. Cersei’s constant mothering and protection have turned Joffrey into a whining child that can’t handle obstacles. He would do well to find a male mentor and spend some quality time learning how to handle himself.

There is always someone over you. 

Joffery’s first taste of authority was his grandfather Tywin Lannister telling him to go to bed because he seemed tired. Until then there had been no real attempt to discipline or have someone be in authority over little Joffrey. He missed the lesson that we ALL have someone to answer to, and no one reigns supreme forever.

Your past doesn’t define your future.

Just because Joffery’s the product of an incestuous relationship between a sister and brother doesn’t mean he has no opportunities to be a better man. I hope he has an opportunity to recognize the challenges he’s had in the past and learn to define who he wants to be in the future.

Joffery is still young and has time to learn these valuable lessons, but personally I’d rather see his head on a pike outside Kings Landing.


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